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mainunit | The new generation of universal home and buildings automations systems Plug and Play with voice control



The mainunit system compared to all other commercially available KNX/BUS automation systems:

mainunit has an intelligent voice control that really deserves its name;
we don’t just talk about smart home, we’ve got it.

mainunit already has a variety of smart functions itegrated in their systems;
no additional programming needed.

mainunit also works with standard, conventional switches;
no special, addressable and expensive KNX/BUS switches and actuators needed.

mainunit works with standard electrical installations;
no complex and costly KNX/BUS installations are not needed.

mainunit systems have included all Features – without additional costs;
no additional KNX/BUS modules for music, internet, video… are needed.

mainunit gives the customer the complete freedom to intuitively do all customization by himself;
no programmer is needed, if additional configurations by the customer are requested.

mainunit systems already have programmed and integrated all variety of green functions;
no extra energy saving and expensive KNX/BUS hardware or modules for energy saving are required.

mainunit, thats real innovation!

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